For these missions, we rely on the services of a certified partner (CERTIDRONE 2016 by APAVE) specialist in professional imaging by drone: DRONE DEVELOPPEMENT!
We believe thermographic investigations by drone are an excellent tool that provides additional information to our energy audits in a quick and practical way.These images picked-up by the drone are a good help in decision making such as prioritizing the work planned, according to the detected pathologies.

From inspection ...

In order to obtain a better analysis later-on, all flights are performed and filmed in a bi-spectral way: infrared images and visible images. These drone shots allow a safe access to difficult areas and photographing in optimum positions, minimizing artefacts (thermal reflections).

This technology is used in the building industry as well as in the inspection of photovoltaic systems (detection of hot spots) and in general for the observation of exothermic phenomenon.

... to the Expertise

3C ingénierie uses the photographs taken by Drone Développement in its audits and energy diagnosisexceeding the simple context of the analysis of images. 

With investigations by drone, our comprehensive expertise leads to the study of work scenarios, detailed budgets, simulation of return on investment’s delay; efficiency gains being our only goal.

Find the activities of DRONE DEVELOPPEMENT on their website