• 2011

    Julien Parisot creates 3C Ingénierie, engineering office geared towards assistance to companies in the electricity field

  • 2012

    Heavily requested, 3C Ingénierie counts 6 employees and yet sets itself apart by signing some prestigious contracts as many in cost estimations than in execution studies in the electrical engineering field. In 2012, through external growth, 3C Ingénierie launches out into project management and diversifies its skills offering its expertise to all lots (electricity and fluids), thermal studies and coordination of fire safety systems.

  • 2013

    3C Ingénierie consolidates its activity and stabilizes its achievements around its 17 staff members. At the end of 2013, Nicolas Bouton joins the team to support, at Julien Parisot’s side, the company’s project of development.

  • 2014 à 2016

    Years of strong growth for 3C Ingénierie, which surrounds itself with 20 staff members in order to ensure good reactivity for its customers and business partners, in all its fields. The sales turnover then grows of more than 29% in 2 years, going from 1.25 to 1.62 million euros in 2016.

    During theses 2 years, aware of the constant evolution of technical methods in areas of studies related to construction business, the company decides to train 8 of its techs on BIM technology and more specifically the use REVIT software by Autodesk®, which helps 3C Ingénierie to be quickly on some projects and put forward these new skills. It is also decided to operate a new diversification by taking in charge missions of construction’s economy and scheduling, piloting and coordination (SPC). This diversification is particularly characterized by the contract for housing redevelopment for all subcontractors (ASC), signed for more than 400 collective housings to redevelop.

  • 2017 à 2020

    The goals are clear: development of BIM projects and our new activity ASC-SPC, strengthening our activities in all areas: tertiary and housing redevelopments, buildings thermal improvement, new buildings conception.

Our values

Team spirit

The complexity of projects that we approach and our introduction in the BIM age puts forward, more than ever, the importance of complementarity among our services and the importance of sharing experience between our different staff members who are part of our company. Because “there are more ideas in two heads than one”, our success is mainly due to a strong team spirit.

Company spirit

With the impulse given by its senior executives, our company improves regularly and peacefully. Our development is now based on the technical plurality of our teams and on their open minded through new work methods. In the area of engineering, opportunities facing us are important and our team is ready to explore them. 

Quality and compliance with commitments

Because technical skills are not enough to satisfy our customers, we are building our notoriety following permanent improvement process of the quality and we ensure to comply with commitments for our projects follow-up.


Aware of the issues facing us today with professional exchanges simultaneously with companies, construction managers and contracting authorities, we are committing to comply with ethical behavior, which is a guarantee of our independence and expertise quality on all our missions.