Our methods provide that 100% of our projects can benefit from a technical expertise for sustainable construction!
This approach is simple, rational, coherent and collaborative... regardless of the scope of the project. 

Our High quality environmental approach

Phase 1

Active listening

Phase 2

Solutions search

Phase 3

Scenario presentation and its consistency
  • Technical
  • Budgetary
  • Temporal

Phase 4

Choice assistance about solutions combine the best compromises.
  • Energy saving
  • Time of return on investment
  • Communication

In order to comply with the future RE 2020 (Environmental Regulation), the construction projects will have to combine energy efficiency, user comfort and low environmental footprint.

3C Ingenierie has already anticipated this future RE with its customers who want to promote their projects through an environmental and sustainable approach. It supports them at every stage of conception and realization in order to achieve their projects respecting the performance, costs and time targets.

Our strength:

  • Permanent exchanges within our multidisciplinary team, managed by experienced project managers, listening to you.
  • Our multi-technical skills to imagine global solutions providing consistency between all building trades.